Clinical Skills



* Clinical Skills are written and updated by experienced nurses and respiratory specialists who are skilled in evidence-based practices and are currently practicing in the clinical field.
* Intensive Care, General, Pediatric and Emergency Nursing skills are adapted from reputable textbooks written by leading professionals in their fields. During the adaptation process, nurses who are experts in their fields review and update all skills.
* Skills such as Mother-Newborn, Mental Health, Newborn Intensive Care, Oncology and Perioperative Nursing skills are written and reviewed by specialist nurses using existing evidence-based information and clinical practice guides.
* Follows the same rigorous process as nursing skills written for Respiratory Care.
* Writers and referees who have worked in the field of expertise for at least 5 years, have high degrees in their fields, and are members of professional associations, contribute to the formation of insights.
* Clinical experts from each area of ​​expertise, constantly review the content. Updated skills are published monthly.

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