Library and Information Center


The Library and Information Center, as a unit of Maltepe University, which progresses with the aim of being free in thought, correct in education and universal in science, was moved to Marmara Education Campus with all faculties in 2003, between 1997 and 1998, and still continues its services. The Library and Information Center, renewed in the summer of 2018, ensures their education and research program training and reaching the right time at the right time.

Adopting "easy, fast and unlimited access to information" as its basic principle, the Center: Its current and rich both printed and digital collection; employees who are open to communication, knowledgeable and willing; It acts as a bridge between the information and the user with its technological possibilities that are ahead of the age, and provides access to information in the safest way as soon as possible.

The Library and Information Center, which are located at equal distance to the academic units and dormitories of our university, has a closed area of ​​5,280 square meters, considering all working areas. It has a seating capacity of 940 people, a computer room with 50 computers, 4 group study rooms, reading rooms, periodicals hall and social areas.

In the Library and Information Center, nearly 200,000 books, more than 8,000,000 electronic books, more than 30,000 different printed journals, more than 120,000 electronic journals, master's project theses and doctoral dissertations published within our university, more than 500 million electronic resource available. Turkey's leading scientists in Central and consisting of 12 separate books of well-known personalities is located in a private collection.

Access to more than 200 databases is provided through the library. It is possible to easily access databases from inside the campus as well as outside the campus.

The Library and Information Center provides user-oriented services. Our students' hot and cold food and beverage needs are also met free of charge at the Center, which provides service with all areas 24/7 without ever closing during education and training periods.

The tables in the study areas are single, and each table has ergonomic seats with lighting and electrical outlets in order to enable our students to study in a comfortable and comfortable environment.

RFID Smart Library Systems are used in our Library and Information Center. The system includes smart tags, RFID Security Gate, catalog scanning kiosks, loan-return kiosks, hand terminal and book cleaning device. Thanks to this system, our users can search for the publication they want to access from the catalog scanning kiosk, print the receipt or scan the QR barcode on the screen and save the information on their mobile phone, find the book on the open shelf system and perform the borrowing / return process by themselves, and receive a receipt from the device at the end of the process. The result of all transactions is sent to the user's mobile phone as a text message, which gives the student great self-confidence. Thanks to the system, the barriers between the book and the user have been removed.

For the health of our students, our borrowed books are disinfected in a book cleaning device and then put on shelves.

Our library is a barrier-free library. It provides user-oriented service. Since the identity information of our students is automatically obtained from the Student Affairs Automation at the beginning of each academic year, our students do not need to make an additional membership to the library.

User transactions in the Library and Information Center, such as scanning catalogs, extending time, reserving books and study rooms, and updating personal information, can be followed on mobile phones through the Mobile Library application.

Undergraduate / associate degree students from the Library and Information Center have the right to borrow 5 books for 20 days at the same time, to extend the time 2 times, and graduate students to borrow 10 books at the same time, and to extend the time 3 times. Students who want to buy more books can borrow as many books as they want. Reminder and warning messages regarding borrowed books are automatically sent to users' mobile phones and e-mails by the system.

Library promotion and user training, database training and seminars are given to our new students in cooperation with the Academic Units, and these activities continue throughout the year.

You can reach the Library and Information Center web page ( You can access printed / electronic catalog scanning, subscription / trial / free databases, user manuals, statistics, new and current publications from our website. In addition, full access to the scientific publications and postgraduate theses of our academicians is provided through the Institutional Academic Archive System (

News about the library are also announced on the library's social media accounts (,


Our collection is constantly updated, new and widely read publications are followed and brought to the library as soon as possible. The publications that our students cannot find in the Library and Information Center are provided immediately if they are available in the market or are borrowed from other university libraries through the Interlibrary Cooperation System.

There is a "Wish and Complaint Box" in the library for the purpose of informing our students about their wishes and complaints and measuring their level of satisfaction.

At the Center, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during academic periods, service is provided during working hours due to coronavirus measures.

Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science