Borrowing Services

  • How do I borrow book?

With your student card or your student number and password, enter the Smart Borrowing Devices and place the materials you want to buy in the magnetic field and press the borrow button. There are instructions for use next to the devices, and you can ask for help without consulting where you deem necessary.


  • How many items can I borrow at once and for how many days?

Students in undergraduate and associate degree programs can borrow 5 materials for 20 days, graduate students for 10 materials for 20 days, Academic Staff 20 materials for 30 days, and Administrative Staff for 5 materials for 20 days. There is no material limit for our users when deemed necessary by the Department.


  • How can I do the extension?

Extension can be made if the borrowed material has not been reserved by another user. In order for an extension to be made, the loan period of the item registered on you must be at most 3 days left. Maximum 2 extensions are applied for the same material.


  • Can my friend give back the source of information I borrowed?

Yes, someone other than you can handle giving back.


  • What should I do if the borrowed information source is lost or damaged?

In case the borrowed information source is lost or damaged irreparably, the users are asked to provide the same information source. If the source of information cannot be found; the value of the material determined by the Valuation Commission is paid.


  • Can I borrow periodicals?

Periodicals are not borrowed.

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