Open Access Resources


We will share many resources under this page in order not to interrupt the education at our university during the time given to education due to the Corona virus. 


  • Bentham Science publishes e-books in all fields such as Agriculture, Chemistry, Computer and Information Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences, Materials Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, Nanoscience , Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, and Social Sciences. . The ever-growing collection currently contains more than 800 books.
  • Oxford Handbooks Online / Oxford Law Handbooks Oxford Handbooks Online and Oxford Law from Handbooks' taken, Comparative , Interdisciplinary , jurisdictional , International, Criminal & Police , Religion , Children , Economics and certain chapters in Finance discipline was opened August 17 until the free access. 
  • Oxford Public International Law of cultural heritage and international law intersections to learn more about Cultural Heritage Law & Policy (Cultural Heritage Law and Policy) series, Max Planck Encyclopedias of International Law (MPEPIL) and Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law from the received section and the free collection of entries is open to free access until 31 August. 
  • Academic TV is a platform that enables instructors and students to meet. It is a system where self-sacrificing instructors, who are competent in their fields and who worry about education, can work and receive their reward as a result of their devotion. 
  • Annual Reviews (AR) , Annual Reviews is a nonprofit publisher in Palo Alto , California , dedicated to synthesizing and integrating knowledge for the advancement of science and the benefit of society . It has a collection of 46 review series in specific disciplines in science and social sciences. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, it has opened its journals to free access to help students and researchers working and studying remotely .  
  • ProQuest Public Content  Thousands of multidisciplinary open access resources from around the world Designed to complement other databases and collections, this multidisciplinary database offers full-text links to public content from a range of different sources, all open access or unlicensed. Includes content from mainstream repositories such as ArXiv as well as open access journals. Content includes journal articles, preprints, books, conference reports and reports. 
  • Bulentagaoglu Blogspot Blog with short articles on information access tips . 
  • The latest news and research on the American Association for the Advancement of Science Covid-19, 
  • Current information and resources for the American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatricians , 
  • Annals of Internal Medicine articles on the American College of Physicians Coronavirus , 
  • American Medical Association JAMA Network: Information on COVID-19,  
  • American Psychiatric Association Publishing   Resources for psychiatrists and methods of dealing with the epidemic, 
  • American Society of Civil Engineers Resources on working from home, 
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology General information and resources, 
  • Resources for Dialysis Centers providing outpatient services to the American Society of Nephrology , 
  • Articles and tools on the American Society for Microbiology COVID-19, 
  • BioOne articles on coronavirus , which became open access as of 2020 ,   
  • DUKE University Press Information about methods of preventing the spread of infectious diseases ., 
  • Free articles compiled from the Microbiology Society Microbiology Society portfolio , 
  • The MIT Press Articles on Understanding Pandemic and Epidemiology, 
  • New England Journal of Medicine Articles and other resources on the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, 
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Research data and findings on the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19), 
  • The Royal Society Research data and findings on the new type of coronavirus outbreak, 
  • Free articles on the Royal Society of Chemistry Coronavirus 


Publishing Houses and Firms Supporting Education and Research Activities Caused by Coronavirus Outbreak


You can follow the latest research and news about Corona Virus from the sites of important publishing houses.


Publishers and Companies Supporting Education and Research Activities in the Field of Health Sciences Caused by the Coronavirus Outbreak

  • You can find the COVID-19 resources created by the Association of American Medical Colleges The Academic Medicine Community here. 
  • Anesthesiology COVID-19 from the perspective of anesthesiologists, pulmonologists, epidemiologists and critical care physicians 
  • Annual Reviews To support their research work, Annual Reviews made a number of articles available free of charge that could be useful to the scientific community. 
  • You can find pre-print versions of the publications about BioRxiv COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 here. 
  • Blog of the American Journal of Nursing This page collects all the American Journal of Nursing's publications on the developing coronavirus pandemic . It is updated regularly, with the latest publications at the top. 
  • BMJ Coronavirus (covid-19): Latest news and related research 
  • Up-to-date clinical information on BMJ Best Practice COVID-19 can be found here. 
  • You can find information resources about COVID-19 prepared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . 
  • You can find studies on ClinicalTrials " wuhan coronavirus " here. 
  • Cochrane Library special collections on COVID 19 can be found here: Coronavirus (COVID-19): infection control and prevention measures Coronavirus (COVID-19): evidence about intensive care 
  • You can get free access to publications about Duke University Press Pandemic . 
  • You can find clinical information about Dynamed COVID-19 on this page. 
  • Global Infectious Diseases & Epidemiology Online Network (GIDEON) (Toolkit) After clicking the link, you can get one month free access to this application by filling out the form on the page that opens.   
  • JAMA Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Check here for updates on COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment. 
  • JOVE Coronavirus Free Access Resource Center 
  • You can access Kaggle COVID-19 research data here. (CORD-19) 
  • The Lancet, The Lancet , which published the Covidien-19 content in the magazines you buabil . 
  • LitCovid LitCovid is an edited literature center for tracking up-to-date scientific information on COVID-19 .  
  • You can find the pre-print versions of the MedRxiv COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 related publications here. 
  • Find information and related resources on Mental Health America Mental Health and COVID-19 here. 
  • You can find the COVID-19 resources created by the National Institutes of Health National Health Institute here. 
  • Data center page on NCBI Virus COVID-19 virus 
  • All tensioner content related to the NEJM Covid-19 outbreak is available for free. 
  • NLM / GenBank nlm'n in the GenBank provide quick access to the Covidien-19 series data. 
  • You can use this link for resources on COVID-19 for Nursing Center Nurses. 
  • Ovid You can find COVID-19 research published in a wide variety of sources here. 
  • Scitrus You can access resources on COVID-19 compiled from many different platforms. 
  • You can use this link for SemanticScholar COVID-19 Open Access Research Data. 
  • You can access the publications in the SSRN ( Social Science Research Network) Coronavirus & Infectious Disease Research journal here. 
  • Regarding UptoDate (COVID-19): You can access the latest clinical information, patient education, up-to-date association and institution links here. 


Turkish Resources on Corona Virus

  • You can access the page of KLİMİK Turkish Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases where it shares current news and research on COVID-19. 
  • You can view the guide of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey on COVID-19 from this link. 


Current Podcasts on Corona Virus


Some Platforms Where You Can Instantly Track Approved Corona Virus Cases



Database name and connection:

Database description:

Acar Index

Academic Research Index ( is a free resource indexing domestic and foreign academic studies published on the internet . You can make search queries on the site, and access academic publications through linked sites.


It is a database that provides information about chemicals tested in clinical applications in the treatment of HIV infection and AIDS.

Academic Research Index ( acarindex )


Anadolu University e-books


Ankara University Open Archive Site

Printed or electronic copies of the studies, papers, project texts, conference texts, reports, lecture notes and chapters of Ankara University faculty members and their assistants published or decided to be published in scientific journals in international indexes

Ankara University Open Course Materials


Ankara University Journals Database


Ankara University e-books


Researchx : Scientific Publication Index

Preprint archive on physics, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computer science and quantitative biology .

ASEE - American Society for Engineering Education

It is about engineering and full text.

AskOxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary ' s free internet version .

ASOS Index: Social Science Index


Atatürk University. Open Archive


Atılım University Open Course Materials


Başkent University Open Course Materials




BIBTA-Bibliographies Database


Bilgeis-the business world that came with informatics-free lessons from METU for everyone


Bioline International


BioMed Central

You can access journals in Biology and Medicine as Full Text. Seeks membership for some critical and reports.

Biographies (General)

It contains biographical information about Ottoman sultans, presidents, ministers, deputies, ambassadors, academics, writers, journalists, composers, film-actors, soldiers and businessmen.

Brenda ( The Comprehensive Enzyme Information System )

Contains full text of data on 3500 different enzymes.

Bulgarian National Library


Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Cambridge Dictionary ' s free internet version .

Canada Thesis Service

National Library of Canada theses




It is an Open Archive in the field of Cognitive Sciences that includes self-archived peer-reviewed and peer-reviewed journals. It includes the fields of Psychology, Neurology, Behavioral Biology, Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy. CogPrint Archive software is currently being Santa-Fe compliant as open source Eprint software for use in free universities for all disciplines .

Consumer Drug Information - FDA

Prepared by the US Food & Drug Administration / Center for Drug Evaluation and Research . It gives detailed information about newly produced drugs and drug regulations. It contains links to sites such as New and Generic Drug Approvals , FDA Drug Approvals List , New Drugs Approved for Cancer Indications .

Cüneyd Kosal Turkish Music Archive


DART-Europe E- theses Portal


DergiPark Academic


General Directorate of State Archives


DOAB: Directory of Open Access Books


DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals

There are full text articles published in open access scientific journals. Access to articles in 11428 journals. 3067028 articles have been archived to date.

Eastern Mediterranean University Open Course Materials


Doğuş University Article Database


Documentary Film Archive


DPT Electronic Library

SPO's publications, development plans, specialty theses, etc. Provides access to full texts.

World Development Resources

Includes 6,000 citations to World Bank reports. These include Project evaluation reports, Economy and Sector Studies reports. US Geological Reports and other publications are available on the USGS Website.

ebooks @ Adelaide





Out of 304,014 searchable worksheets, articles and software documents, 206,521 are available free of charge.



Chamber of Electrical Engineers e-books


E-LIS (E- prints in Library and Information Science [2003 -]

Open archive on librarianship and information science.

Encyclopedia Britannica


Encyclopedia of Earth


E- print Network

It indexes 590,000 scientific documents. It mainly includes research in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, computer and information technology, and other disciplines. All of the full text content of approximately 20 million pages is accessible for free.



Europe PubMed Central


FindArticles at BNET


FirstGov for Science

 FirstGov For Science provides access to information resources at official scientific organizations of the United States. This database contains reliable information sources, each of which is the best in its field , selected by these organizations . These sources of information include articles, meeting minutes and databases of technical reports and selected scientific web pages. These web pages and databases can be browsed together or separately on the browsing screen. There are also educational help web pages in the FirstGov for Science database .

Forgotten Books


Free e- Books by Project Gutenberg


FreeBooks4 Doctors

Full text access to more than 600 books on various topics related to medicine and health sciences on the Internet is available. Related Subjects of Books

Gazi University Open Archive


Genamics Journal Seek

68411 gives information about the journal's content, subject, publisher, short name and ISSN. Provides links to the web pages of the journals.

Google Scholar


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The website provides access to the full-text MMWR and other CDC broadcast and data archives. Publications can be browsed via CDC Wonder .

HathiTrust Digital Library


Health & Human Services (SIS) - NLM

It is an e-guide that provides information about institutions serving health and biomedicine.

HighWire Press

Full Text access to 924 journals (Some journals are embargoed).

Legal resources. com: Electronic Bibliography



200,000 of 300,000 research documents on economics can be viewed in full text.

Intech E- Books


IRCICA Library


Islamic Heritage Project


ISAM Faculty of Theology Theses Catalog Database


ISAM Articles Database


ISAM Ottoman Yearbooks Database


ISAM Ottoman Treatises Database


ISAM Turkey Library Database


ISAM Theology Articles Database 


ISAM Ottoman Articles Database 


Istanbul Kadi Registers


İzmir National Library


Japan Science and Technology


Kaynakç : Turkey Bibliography


Who is Who?

It contains information about people who are famous in various fields such as literature, art, religion, state-politics, informatics, media, thinkers, education, law, economy, magazine, health and sports.

KoMCI : Korean Medical Citation Index




Ministry of Culture and Tourism e-books


Marmara University e-Books


Martindale's The Reference Desks

Designed by Jim Martindale ., US Marthindale Health Science directory; It has links to a wide range of sites, including encyclopedias, dictionaries , encyclopedic dictionaries, texts to interactively review anatomy, lecture notes, exams, literature search facilities and much more.


Health professionals and health consumers accurate and current medical in order to access the information it has prepared ; Extensive information can be found about consumer health, diseases and their details. MedlinePlus provides full-text access to information produced by NLM and National Institutes for Health and to resources such as medical encyclopedias, dictionaries, hospital and doctor guides, and drug guides.



Vocational Qualifications Authority


MIT OpenCourseWare


National Library Directorate


Million Book Project





It is a system that consists of 16 different databases on medicine and health issues prepared by NLM and allows scanning on these databases.

National Cancer Institute


OAPEN Library


OECD Library




Ottoman Local Newspapers


Ottoman Articles Database




PEDro : Physiotherapy Evidence Database




Project Gutenberg Electronic Public Library

Gutenberg Electronic Public Library Project produces electronic versions of texts, especially classical books . The project aims to offer 10,000 full-text books on the Web for free. 1000 books are added every year.





PubMed Central


PubMed Health


Research Papers in Economics ( RePEc )


Sabancı University Open Course Materials


SAUX-Sakarya University Open Course Materials


Court of Accounts Magazine




Süleyman Demirel Ü. Open Archive


TC Official Gazette


TBMM Library


TC Central Bank Article Database


Technological Research e- Index


Basic and Economic Social Indicators Database


The Adam Health Illustrated Encyclopedia - NLM

It is an e-encyclopedia with information about diseases, tests, symptoms , injuries and surgery.

The National Academy Press


The SCImago Journal & Country Rank


The Universal Digital Library


TOAD: Turkey Measuring Tools Directory


TOBB Industry Database


TR Index [Citation database]


Trip Database


TUIK- Statistics


TÜBA Open Course Materials


TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center


TÜBİTAK Popular Science Publications

Popular science books started to be published in 1993 with the aim of popularizing science, presenting scientific and technological innovations to the knowledge of the reader, and playing a leading role in creating a science and technology culture. 

Turkish Language Association Periodicals Database


Turkish Education Index


Turkish Medline


The Memory of Turkish Music Culture [Note Archive]


Turkish Psychiatry Index


Turkish Cinema Archive Database


Turkish History, Literature, Culture and Art Articles Database


Justice Academy of Turkey


Turkey Academic Archive


Turkey Atomic Energy Agency


They Proceedings of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey-Drop


Encyclopedia of Islamic Religious Foundation of Turkey


Turkey Articles Bibiliyografya of


Turkey Articles Bibliography


TürKomp : National Food Composition Database


In the National Food Composition Database , which includes processed-unprocessed agricultural products, nutritional composition and energy values ​​produced and consumed in our country's geography, TürKomp has approximately 63,000 food components and energy value data for 100 food components belonging to 580 foods from 14 food groups.  

You can find the nutritional elements and energy values ​​of foods by searching by food, ingredient, nutrition and food groups from the Search menu ; You can sort the foods according to the ingredients from high to low.  

With the lunchbox , you can easily calculate the content of the foods in your daily diet, and you can see the ingredient values ​​of 2 different foods on the same screen with the food comparison application . You can also compare foods with similar characteristics to the food identification system Langual with data in databases of other countries.     

National Food Composition Database


National Thesis Center




USDA National Agricultural Library


Data Source


World Health Organization (WHO)


Manuscripts Authority e-Books


Yunus Nabi Bibliography



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