Document Provision



The requested publication is not available in the library collection is provided from other research and university libraries in Turkey.

Contact for document provision:
Tel: 0216 626 10 50 Extension: 2051

  • What can I ask?

Requests can be made for articles, books and theses (contents, bibliography, abstract and a section to be selected). Copyrights cannot be photocopied due to copyrights.

You can request the theses published in other universities through the Document Submission Unit. Theses provided by TÜBESS and YÖK are given to our readers in print.

  • How can I make a request?

The libraries in which the source is needed can be determined by TOKAT (National Bulk Catalog) scan.

The information of the publications to be requested is transmitted personally or by e-mail to the Document Delivery Department.

  • How long will my request be met?

The length of time for the applications to be submitted varies depending on the document supply policy of the relevant library.

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