Group Study Rooms


After you enter the user in the Catalog Search for Group Study Rooms, you can click the Study Rooms tab and make a reservation by selecting the appropriate study room.


♦ Group Study Rooms are allocated to groups of at least 5 people for 2 hours.

♦ Group Study Rooms are borrowed from the library automation system for identification purposes.

♦ At the end of the borrowing period, the room is emptied without any warning.

♦ In the case of abandonment of the rooms, personal belongings are removed from the room by the staff.

♦ Food, drink and food are not allowed.

♦ Valuable goods should not be left in the group work rooms.

♦ The Library is not responsible for the items that were dropped and lost.

♦ Group work rooms are periodically checked by the Library Staff.

♦ Any user who works in group rooms may not reserve the same room for the next two hours.

♦ When leaving the rooms, tables and chairs are left in a proper way.

♦ No working room is provided for people with registered material debt.

Users who do not comply with these rules will be canceled during the 1 academic semester.

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