Lending System



The students of Maltepe University apply to the transaction card in the Library with the student card, and the academic and administrative staff can make the membership transactions.


Rare works, periodicals, reference sources and theses are not lent, but are used within the library.


In our university, you can borrow 10 items for 30 days, if not, you can extend 2 times.


5 to borrow the material for 20 days, if not, can extend 2 times.


5 to borrow the material for 20 days, if not, can extend 2 times.


If the borrowed resources are not reserved by another user, the extension can be extended 2 times.

The extension process is done by logging in to my Mobile Library program on the mobile phone and by browsing to the Catalog Search section on the web page or by contacting the transaction desk.

If the borrowed resources are delayed, the extension will only be brought to the library.


If the requested resource is borrowed by another user, the reservation is made.

The reservation is made through the My Mobile Library application and the Catalog Search page, after making a membership entry by contacting the gir Distinction as link or the lending counter.

When the reserved source arrives at the library, the user is notified by e-mail.

The related source is kept in the bank for 2 days. Resources not taken within 2 days are placed in the rack.


The transactions of the resources to be returned are made at the transaction desk.

Resources can also be returned by someone else.


It is the responsibility of the user until the material is returned to the library after borrowing.

It is not the library's responsibility to remind the return date. It is the responsibility of the user to return the borrowed material in time.

When the material is lost or damaged, it is the responsibility of the user to notify the Library Officer as soon as possible.

Users must notify the library of their latest valid e-mail addresses, as the warning, return date and reserve reminders are made via e-mail. However, the collection dates of the information sources borrowed from the library belongs to the member. The library is not responsible for the e-mails that have not been received.

In cases where the return date is approaching and not booked, the users can access the library accounts over the web and extend their return periods.

The failure to reach the user for any reason is not a valid reason for not paying the delay penalty.

Users with overdue resources and delayed penalties cannot borrow new resources.

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