Book Donation


The suitability of the material coming through donation is checked and the available material is separated according to the type of publication.

A letter of gratitude is written to the persons, institutions and organizations that donated the publications.

Donation publication acceptance principles include:

Publication of donations by individuals or institutions who wish to make donations shall be examined in advance by the Department.
The publications to be donated must have the appropriate qualifications for a University library, they have not lost their current and scientific character, they must be suitable for the education given in the University and they should support the researchers in a social and cultural manner.
Publications that are not physically clean, whose pages are missing, stamped, notes written, drawn and scribbled cannot be accepted as donations.
Publications and periodicals that do not provide unity of integrity within the periodicals and encyclopedias cannot be accepted as donations and publications that do not provide integrity with the present collection.
The authorities and rights regarding the publication of the publications as shelf or exchange for other copies of the publications to the library or other unit or institution shall be under the responsibility of the Department.
Donors cannot make any rights or requests regarding their donations.

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