General Information
General Information
  • What are Library facilities?

Our Library is renovated in 2018. Our library has a shelf capacity of 200,000 volumes in an area of ​​approximately 3,200 m² and a seating area for 500 people at the same time. There are free study rooms and reader computers where students can study loudly and all computers are connected to the internet. All of the work tables have special lighting and electrical outlets.

There is a wireless network connection in the library building. Maltepe University students are natural members of the library and can borrow books for free.

With the smart library system, users can access the books they are looking for as soon as possible without support, and borrow them from borrowing devices quickly and easily. There are more than 135,000 printed and 5,000,000 electronic resources available, and the collection is constantly being developed.


  • What are the library opening hours?

Maltepe University Library and Information Center is open between 08:00 and 18:00 on weekdays due to the pandemic process. It is closed on the weekend.


  • Who can use the library?

Our university students, administrative and academic staff can benefit.


  • How can I access my library user account?

After entering the "Catalog Search" page on the library website, you can access your account with your student number / password from the login tab.


  • What can I do with the library user account?

With your library user account, you can access the list of information sources that you have borrowed, returned, reserved and want to be included in the library collection, you can request material, extend the length of the borrowed material and reserve a borrowed book.


  • Are there photocopying, printing and similar services in the library?

Photocopy service is not provided.


  • How can I scan the materials I am looking for?

You can access the materials you want to search by using the work name, author name, subject titles, genre, language and many other filters by clicking the ‘Cep Kütüphanem’ application or the Catalog Search tab of our website.

For electronic materials, you can browse all databases our University subscribes to by clicking the E-Resource Scanning tab of our website. You can find all subscribed databases on the Databases page of our website, along with detailed descriptions and user manuals.


  • Is there a mobile application for library operations?

Yes, you can edit your membership transactions from the application called Cep Kütüphanem. You can download the application from Google Play and Appstore and select Maltepe University to access any printed or electronic resources. You can also access different library catalogs with the same program.


  • Can I bring food or drink to the library?

Except for water, food or beverage is banned in the library.


  • Where can I get information about items I forgot in the library?

You can apply to the security desk in the Rectorate building for items you have forgotten.

  •  Does the library have training programs for users?

Yes, our library organizes trainings in line with user requests and needs. You can find more information about the training provided in the form of orientation and user training from the Training tab on our website.

  • Can I request training on the use of electronic information resources?

You can request training as individual or as a group. You can request an appointment from [email protected].

Catalog Search
Catalog Search
  • How can I search catalog in the Library collections?

You can do this from our library's website, from the "My Mobile Library" application on mobile phones or by using the catalog scanning devices in the Library and Information Center. There are instructions for use next to the devices. You can get the necessary support from the advisory unit.

The name of the information source you are looking for to research through the catalog, author's name, subject titles, ISBN / ISSN etc. You can search with any keyword. You can find the place of the library on the floor plan by clicking on the shelf information of the books you see on the shelf.


  • How are the books placed on the shelves?

Library of Congress Classification System is used in our library. Books are divided into subjects on the basis of open shelves and placed on shelves. Thus, books is containing the same subject stand together. The labels created with this system are located in the spine of the book. By looking at this location information, you can see the layout on the Library Floor Plan or the Library and Information Center Floor Plan tables in the Library.


  • What is the book reservation, how do I do it?

In order to make a reservation, after logging into the library system on the internet or mobile with your user account, you can find the item you want to reserve from the catalog and reserve the book by pressing the reserve button. Sorting processes are kept for a maximum of 3 days after the material arrives.


  • How can I access theses?

While searching in the Catalog Search, you can use a filter to mark the "Type" section as "Thesis" and access it with options such as work name, author name, and subject headings.

You can access master's and doctoral theses on our University's Open Access System.


  • How to access the published theses Turkey in general?

You can access the published theses in universities in Turkey through the National Thesis Center.


  • How can I see publications that have recently arrived in the library collection?

You can follow the new publications added to our collection on the Catalog Search main page.


  • How can I access different library catalogs?

You can access it by clicking the Bulk Catalog tab in the Cep Kütüphanem application or by clicking the Bulk Catalog tab from the links menu of our website or via the TO-KAT system.


  • How can I access periodicals?

It is exhibited in the Periodicals Section on the ground floor of our library. Click to see the Library Floor Plan.


  • How are periodicals placed on the shelves?

Periodicals are placed on the shelves in alphabetical order.


  • How can I access the previous issues of periodicals?

You can reach the numbers of the last 2 years by lift the cover of the shelf where it is exhibited. Older issues are available in the Periodical Archive section.

Borrowing Services
Borrowing Services
  • How do I borrow book?

With your student card or your student number and password, enter the Smart Borrowing Devices and place the materials you want to buy in the magnetic field and press the borrow button. There are instructions for use next to the devices, and you can ask for help without consulting where you deem necessary.


  • How many items can I borrow at once and for how many days?

Students in undergraduate and associate degree programs can borrow 5 materials for 20 days, graduate students for 10 materials for 20 days, Academic Staff 20 materials for 30 days, and Administrative Staff for 5 materials for 20 days. There is no material limit for our users when deemed necessary by the Department.


  • How can I do the extension?

Extension can be made if the borrowed material has not been reserved by another user. In order for an extension to be made, the loan period of the item registered on you must be at most 3 days left. Maximum 2 extensions are applied for the same material.


  • Can my friend give back the source of information I borrowed?

Yes, someone other than you can handle giving back.


  • What should I do if the borrowed information source is lost or damaged?

In case the borrowed information source is lost or damaged irreparably, the users are asked to provide the same information source. If the source of information cannot be found; the value of the material determined by the Valuation Commission is paid.


  • Can I borrow periodicals?

Periodicals are not borrowed.

  • How can I access How can I access the databases that the library subscribes to?

You can get detailed information by clicking the Subscriber Databases tab on our website, you can access links, user manuals, helpful videos and content lists.


  • Can I access the databases off campus?

After clicking the Off-Campus Access Systems tab on our website, you can access it by selecting a system you want on the page that opens. You can access detailed information about off-campus access systems by clicking this link.


Databases, off-campus access systems, etc. You can send your questions and problems about the issues to the address [email protected].

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