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İ ( is a similarity detection software that can be used online. If you are a member of your organization, you can easily become a member with your corporate e-mail address. You can contact your institution librarian in all cases. A similarity with a source does not mean that the work is similar. İ ( program aims to find the same sentences (similar sentences) among the documents in general. It is up to the academician to decide whether the quotation in the work is plagiarism.

Tümer ALTAŞ A.Ş. Sınav Hazırlık ve Dil Eğitimi
Applied Science & Technology Source Ultimate


Applied Science & Technology Source Ultimate, leading trade and industry magazines, professional and technical journals; It is the most comprehensive full-text database prepared for science, technology and biomedical disciplines that provide access to periodicals, conference proceedings and much more. With its rich and extensive content, the database that best supports the research and development activities in these areas is the primary source of guidance for researchers and students in the relevant departments.
Content; Nearly 1,350 active full-text journals and magazines, more than 1,100 active and peer-reviewed full-text journals, more than 900 active, peer-reviewed and non-delayed full-text journals, more than 690 active full-text journals indexed

Art & Architecture Source


Art & Architecture Source database; It is the most comprehensive full-text database in its field in terms of both content and scope, specifically designed for research in areas such as architecture, interior design, design, environmental design, urban design and landscape architecture. This authority database, which provides access to international content, includes the most respected periodicals published in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch.
Featured Topics:
Interior architecture, Architecture and history of architecture, Landscape architecture, Archeology, Industrial design, Art history, Contemporary art, Graphic design

Humanities Source Ultimate


Humanities Source Ultimate is the most comprehensive database for humanities disciplines, providing access to thousands of full-text journals, full text books, indexes, interviews, book reviews, and more. The database, which includes the most reputable and peer-reviewed journals of the world, includes dozens of topics such as language, literature, folklore, and philosophy, leaving behind all other sources in terms of number and content.

More than 1650 active full-text journals, more than 1,300 refereed full-text journals, more than 900 non-delayed and refereed full-text journals, more than 700 active full-text journals indexed in Web of Science and Scopus, hundreds of thousands bibliographic record of the article.

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